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Signe and Sune Wirth Engelund

byWirth becomes EKTA

We are happy to announce that the Danish design company Piffany Copenhagen has taken us under their wings - under their brand EKTA Living. With a common set of values, our many products and Piffany's large distribution setup, it is a perfect match.

We look forward to being able to put all our efforts into the creative process under a company that matches our values ​​and reach more people with our design. We share a philosophy that demands that our designs should be beautiful, functional, as well as created with sensitivity for our planet. This has been our dogma at byWirth and we are excited to continue this work at Piffany.

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Scala Chair all oak colors room

Play with colors and materials

The Scala Chair takes the category of ready-to-assemble furniture to a whole new level with stunning colors and lots of creative opportunities. A flat box with a practical handle makes the transportation of the chair home from the store or post office very easy. But it is first and foremost what is inside the box that makes this new chair stand out.The Scala Chair is designed to be extremely flexible: You have countless opportunities when pairing the simple metal frame, available in four different colors, with the finish on the seat and backrest in oak veneer. Then comes the upholstery of the seat - choose from a selection of furniture textile by Kvadrat or the impossibly soft Dunes leather from Sorensen Leather.
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Scala Bench Small Hallway

Elegant - yet practical !

In celebration of the two-year anniversary of the Scala series meet our little new one: the two-person Scala Bench Small. As a practical addition to the home, it nonetheless delivers finesse to fans of the Scala series. And it's FSC-certified, naturally.Numerous costumers were keen to see a new version that would seat two. When used in a hallway, it's the perfect perch for tying shoelaces, whether you're tall or small. In the bathroom it becomes a great functional yet decorative storage place. And it helps you seat more friends and family at the dining table.
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Bathroom Rack Hotel

Hotel vibe in your bathroom at home

Stylish storage of toilet paper rolls:A new elegant solution to a practical matter.Add a little bit of trendy hotel vibe to your bathroom at home. The bathroom novelty Bathroom Rack is designed to take an everyday practical need and turn it into pure, space-saving luxury. The Bathroom Rack has a very unfussy design: two simple, matt-finish black steel rods hold up to 4 toilet rolls. The ensemble is mounted on FSC-certified oak battens which attach to the wall and ensures that you and your guests always have toilet paper within reach. 
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Mirror You

Mirror You

Flexibility - the Nordic way'Mirror You', a single piece, unframed, this mirror is both simple and edgy: an alternative embodiment for Nordic style, which is otherwise known for its clean, sharp lines.Mirror You is a series of hanging wall mirrors in three different shapes, that allow you to choose the one that reflects you and your home the best. The mirrors can be hung as individual pieces or combined in a way that reflects one's own style and personality. Instead of a frame, the mirrors have finely polished edges and a CNC precision-cut hole for hanging, which gives them a quite special feeling of airiness.
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Grow your own bench

We care about our footprintHelp us grow a new oak tree.Most of our products are made of solid oak and even though we use responsibly grown oak, we still care about our footprint.
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Carry My Ipad (Black)

Get organized

An office should be very organized and functional but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish at the same time! Why not use the walls for manageable storage, display or a family calendar.Our Carry my series can help make everyday life just a bit more practical, with room for all the necessities for your study or workspace.On the surface, the Carry My iPad sleeve is very simple, but inside there is plenty of great detailing, making everyday life just a bit more manageable.When opening the Carry My iPad sleeve, you will find a pocket for your iPad on one side. At the same time, the envelope closure holding the iPad creates two pockets for smaller items like pens, earphones, and your phone. In the middle, a small pocket keeps your business cards and credit cards handy, while opposite the iPad-pocket, there’s plenty of room for a notepad.The Carry My series is launched in strong, black leather and in natural untreated leather which by time will develop a beautiful, cognac-colored patina.
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Wood Knot Small (Nature)

Hang on

Refresh your home and add a warm nordic feeling with practical and functional racks, hooks and handles in oak and leather. A quick way to refresh a kitchen or bathroom is with new handles and hooks. Wood Knot Small, Medium and Big are excellent options for both tasks since they are serving as both hooks and handles. The Wood Knot series is made in solid oak with a beautiful wooden structure in the colors natural oak, oiled oak, smoked oak or black-painted oak, making an elegant contrast to many solid colored kitchen designs.
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Scala Dining Table (Nature)

Scandinavian carpentry tradition – ready to be customized by you

Many Danish furniture classics have been designed for specific or unique interiors. We pay our tribute by continuing this Scandinavian tradition with a functional and comfortable range of seating designed for Aarhus Theater's recently renovated Scala foyer.The "Scala" series of stools, barstools, benches, and tables are lightweight, flexible-use seating fashioned from sustainable oak with all of the quality that goes with the Scandinavian craftsmanship tradition. The seating has cushions upholstered in delicious fabrics by Kvadrat or covered with naturally elegant hides from Sorensen Leather. It is just up to you to make the right combination.
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Cutting Board

A new angle on the essential cutting board

The cutting board is so fundamental to each kitchen that you may not even pay attention to it and that is why we have tried to take up the challenge and do something new and different.Our new Cutting Board series of three cutting- and serving boards, each have their own unique and functional details.The starting point is naturally solid oak from sustainably grown forests - inch-thick and with a light oil treatment that elevates the oak's gorgeous grain patterns and provides light protection against stains.And this brings us to the new and different take on a cutting board: The edges of the board are cut diagonally, at a 45-degree angle. This design choice gives the series a bold and different appearance reminiscent of how architects draw in perspective. In fact, it makes the boards visually pop out of the surface they are lying on.Like all of our designs, the details are never mere decorations; the angled edges allow the boards to be placed closely together, and you can easily push finely chopped herbs from one board to another. It is also easy to grip the board and lift it from the table.
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Crush Me (Black)

Salt and pepper with a twist

Simple problems have simple solutions – but sometimes it requires a carefully thought-through design to give the solution the perfect shape. At the bottom of the salt & pepper grinder, Crush Me, you will find such a solution to one of the small problems of everyday life: A small disc that catches the loose salt and pepper grains that otherwise end up on the tablecloth. Alternatively, you can simply turn the grinder upside down since it stands just as well on the top.
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Magnet Shelf (Smoked)

Shelf with control over knives and recipes

Magnet Shelf displays your cookbooks and is also perfect storage for your best kitchen knives. Magnet Shelf is the latest example of our design philosophy: designing nice-looking items with a purpose, using genuine natural materials with surprising functionality.A simple strip in solid oak to mount on the kitchen wall. The front edge of the strip is slightly raised so it makes for a good space to display the front of your favourite cookbooks - or open to the recipe while your hands are deeply buried in dough.You will find an add-on to the Magnet Shelf behind the sumptuous oak surface, where a row of super magnets doubles as a knife holder. The extra-strong magnets allow you to have your most-used knives at hand, while the soft oak gently ensures that the edge of the knife does not become blunt or nicked. A solution that is far more preferable than the usual mess of knives and equipment in the top kitchen drawer.
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Towel Rack (Nature)

Storage that adds a hint of the spa feel

Why not let the clean Nordic feel accompany you all the way to your bathroom? Our bathroom collection comes in natural, exclusive materials, Nordic oak, and vegetable tanned leather, and can provide warmth and give your bathroom a hint of the spa look and feel. Just imagine a well-organized stack of luscious fluffy towels that are just waiting to wrap themselves around your body.The Towel Rack allows you to store and display your towels in a practical and stylish way. The oak panels soften the black metal frame that keeps your towels together. Just roll them and stack them. It saves space, looks fantastic and the towels are always temptingly ready to use.
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Black Friday donation to SAND

No thanks to Black Friday

No thanks to Black Friday - we donate to the homelessLet’s talk about Black Friday. We know many people expect extraordinary prices and big sales - but you won't find it at an interior design brand we create beautiful things for people's homes. This year we will be donating 20% of the sales in our online store on the 26-27th of November to those that don’t have a home:Gadens Konger through SAND, which supports the homeless in need.
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Filigrantree planter

A sustainable Christmas tree

We want to make Christmas more sustainable. Instead of a Christmas tree that is discarded after Christmas Eve every year, our solution is a recyclable Christmas tree - a Filigrantree.EKTA has taken over the sales and development of Trine Find's popular Filigrantree. Trine Find originally came up with the idea for the simple Christmas tree years ago when she decided to make an Advent calendar for her son. It quickly dawned on her that the innovative and sustainable Nordic design created a new possibility for extending Christmas. The functionality and simplicity of the design was, therefore, an obvious addition to EKTA's other collections.A hypoallergenic Christmas tree that does not shed needles, and which can stand inside throughout December - year after year.
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Christmas Sticks lys

Christmas Sticks

Add a personal touch to EKTA's new Christmas collection: Christmas Sticks are a series of Christmas decorations that encourage creativity and invites to co-design your own EKTA design The new Christmas concept, Christmas Sticks, is built on a 'design it yourself' concept, to personalize Christmas decorations, but with a guarantee that the design remains aesthetic and can last for many years - just like all EKTA's products.The new Christmas decoration collection consists of ‘Christmas Sticks candle’, ‘Christmas Sticks’, and ‘Christmas Sticks ornaments’.The newly invented classic Christmas tree candle holder, ‘Christmas Sticks candle´, and the simple Christmas hanging with a hook, ‘Christmas Sticks’, are both hangings in brass finish and come with 3-4 with different ornaments. On the Christmas Sticks candle, the ornaments function as a counterweight under the candle.´Christmas Sticks ornaments' are extra ornaments you can use on ‘Christmas Sticks candle’ and ‘Christmas Sticks’, but can equally be used as a simple and aesthetic decoration - all year round.If you are extra 'creative', you can even supplement with your own ornaments.
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