Grow your own bench

We care about our footprint

Help us grow a new oak tree.

Most of our products are made of solid oak and even though we use responsibly grown oak, we still care about our footprint.


A small acorn can grow to be a giant oaktree.

Here is a small guide on how to grow your own oak tree

Take an acorn and place it on top of a small glass vase.

The seed must rest just above the water.

The lower part of the seed will mature and produce roots.


Photos: Lotte Bjarke You can read more about gardening on her website: (in Danish)


Photos: Lotte Bjarke You can read more about gardening on her website: (in Danish)

When the seed has long roots it is ready to be planted in a pot.

Cut the roots a bit and plant it in a small pot with potting soil.

When the plant looks big and healthy you can plant it outside

-preferably in the spring/ summer.

Your oak tree can be hundreds of years old and make seeds for many other trees.

Help us secure the future by planting a new oak tree.


EKTA is FSC®-certified and the majority of our products are FSC-certified. Our goal is that all our products and manufacturers will be certified too.

FSC is considered the “gold standard” designation for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable. When a product is FSC certified you have a guarantee that a new tree is planted every time an old tree is felled.


EKTA is FSC®-certified, SCS-COC-005763-BJ In our webshop, you can see which products are available as FSC®

Oak tree

EKTA is FSC®-certified, SCS-COC-005763-BJ In our webshop, you can see which products are available as FSC®


Scala Dining Table (Nature)

Scandinavian carpentry tradition – ready to be customized by you

Many Danish furniture classics have been designed for specific or unique interiors. We pay our tribute by continuing this Scandinavian tradition with a functional and comfortable range of seating designed for Aarhus Theater's recently renovated Scala foyer.

The "Scala" series of stools, barstools, benches, and tables are lightweight, flexible-use seating fashioned from sustainable oak with all of the quality that goes with the Scandinavian craftsmanship tradition. The seating has cushions upholstered in delicious fabrics by Kvadrat or covered with naturally elegant hides from Sorensen Leather.

It is just up to you to make the right combination.

Cutting Board

A new angle on the essential cutting board

The cutting board is so fundamental to each kitchen that you may not even pay attention to it and that is why we have tried to take up the challenge and do something new and different.

Our new Cutting Board series of three cutting- and serving boards, each have their own unique and functional details.

The starting point is naturally solid oak from sustainably grown forests - inch-thick and with a light oil treatment that elevates the oak's gorgeous grain patterns and provides light protection against stains.

And this brings us to the new and different take on a cutting board: The edges of the board are cut diagonally, at a 45-degree angle. This design choice gives the series a bold and different appearance reminiscent of how architects draw in perspective. In fact, it makes the boards visually pop out of the surface they are lying on.

Like all of our designs, the details are never mere decorations; the angled edges allow the boards to be placed closely together, and you can easily push finely chopped herbs from one board to another. It is also easy to grip the board and lift it from the table.

Magnet Shelf (Smoked)

Shelf with control over knives and recipes

Magnet Shelf displays your cookbooks and is also perfect storage for your best kitchen knives.

 Magnet Shelf is the latest example of our design philosophy: designing nice-looking items with a purpose, using genuine natural materials with surprising functionality.

A simple strip in solid oak to mount on the kitchen wall. The front edge of the strip is slightly raised so it makes for a good space to display the front of your favourite cookbooks - or open to the recipe while your hands are deeply buried in dough.

You will find an add-on to the Magnet Shelf behind the sumptuous oak surface, where a row of super magnets doubles as a knife holder. The extra-strong magnets allow you to have your most-used knives at hand, while the soft oak gently ensures that the edge of the knife does not become blunt or nicked. A solution that is far more preferable than the usual mess of knives and equipment in the top kitchen drawer.