Get organized

An office should be very organized and functional but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish at the same time! Why not use the walls for manageable storage, display or a family calendar.

Our Carry my series can help make everyday life just a bit more practical, with room for all the necessities for your study or workspace.

On the surface, the Carry My iPad sleeve is very simple, but inside there is plenty of great detailing, making everyday life just a bit more manageable.

When opening the Carry My iPad sleeve, you will find a pocket for your iPad on one side. At the same time, the envelope closure holding the iPad creates two pockets for smaller items like pens, earphones, and your phone. In the middle, a small pocket keeps your business cards and credit cards handy, while opposite the iPad-pocket, there’s plenty of room for a notepad.

The Carry My series is launched in strong, black leather and in natural untreated leather which by time will develop a beautiful, cognac-colored patina.

Carry My Ipad (Black)

The Carry My series consists of a laptop sleeve, an iPad sleeve, and a pouch.

More organized

Planner Board is a never-ending calendar, that helps you keep track of your and your family´s appointments and activities. The Planner Board is made of birch veneer, paper, and a leather strap. The large calendar has a month per page and covers two years, meaning it’s renewed every other year.

Important dates like birthdays and wedding anniversaries can be marked at the strip on the right side, and this strip will be reused year after year. The point is that what you see is what you get – no odd drawings or photos every other month, just an elegant look, all year round.

Planner Board 2022/2023

You can buy refills for your calendar to make it last forever 40 x 40 cm

Scala Folding Table (Nature)

You can buy refills for your calendar to make it last forever 40 x 40 cm

Still organized...

The Magazine Hang Out is a practical and decorative element in almost any room of the house - use it for food magazines in your kitchen, your favorite magazines in your living room, bathroom, or study, or in your children's’ rooms.

Magazine Hangout

Magazine Hangout black or nature

Magazine Hangout

Magazine Hangout black or nature

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