Nature’s brilliance - the Dunhammer Lamp

This bizarrely interesting plant became the primary source of inspiration for the design of the Dunhammer Lamp, as designers at Timothy Jacob Jenson Studios became fascinated with the forms for years.

The designers imagined transforming the plant into something functional and beautiful, intrigued by the way the plants change from dark to light as they bloomed.

You can easily recognize a cattail; it has a brown cigar-shaped head that stands atop a very long, stout stalk. Aside from its iconic appearance, It is an interesting plant with a variety of uses at different times of the year. They’re edible and have loads of nutrients. They can be used to make mats, baskets, and the head can even be used as packing material, among other things!

Dunhammer Table Lamp

With it’s pin-like design and thoughtful finishes, this iconic lamp provides a delicate touch of light to complement your living space.

Illuminating excellence

With this inspiration as a foundation, a sleek, brass coloured modern lighting fixture was created. The Dunhammer lamp is a minimalist and modern interpretation of the plant, made out of premium materials, like anodized aluminium, and borosilicate glass.

The functionality of the Dunhammer Lamp has been carefully considered. An intuitive touch function allows three dimmer settings to match the mood of the space. The light itself is warm and welcoming, delicately illuminating the setting. Much like the plant itself, the Dunhammer Lamp stands tall in its pin-like form, but is quite subtle in its essence.

After years of design and prototyping, the lamp was officially showcased at the French fair Maison&Objet in 2023 and became available for purchase thereafter. It comes in two sizes, Table and Floor, and two brass colour variants, Pale Brass and Bronzed Brass.

Dunhammer Floor Lamp

Adding a touch of light does wonders to make an entrance space more welcoming.

Dunhammer Table Lamp

Adding a touch of light does wonders to make an entrance space more welcoming.