Shelf with control over knives and recipes

Magnet Shelf displays your cookbooks and is also perfect storage for your best kitchen knives.

 Magnet Shelf is the latest example of our design philosophy: designing nice-looking items with a purpose, using genuine natural materials with surprising functionality.

A simple strip in solid oak to mount on the kitchen wall. The front edge of the strip is slightly raised so it makes for a good space to display the front of your favourite cookbooks - or open to the recipe while your hands are deeply buried in dough.

You will find an add-on to the Magnet Shelf behind the sumptuous oak surface, where a row of super magnets doubles as a knife holder. The extra-strong magnets allow you to have your most-used knives at hand, while the soft oak gently ensures that the edge of the knife does not become blunt or nicked. A solution that is far more preferable than the usual mess of knives and equipment in the top kitchen drawer.

Magnet Shelf (Smoked)

The simple timeless design will suit any kitchen style or shape, as the Magnet Shelf comes in two sizes: 40 cm and 60 cm. Available in natural oak, oiled oak, smoked oak, and black painted oak.


Magnet Shelf can also be easily used to keep the many bits and pieces in the entrance hall organised. Use the shelf for the newspaper, letters and perhaps a place to put your smartphone while you hang up your coat. Keys? Just click them onto the magnetic front edge - then they will hang there and wait for you the next time you're on the way out the door.

Magnet Shelf

Get organised in your hallway

Magnet Shelf

Get organised in your hallway

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Scala Dining Table (Nature)

Scandinavian carpentry tradition – ready to be customized by you

Many Danish furniture classics have been designed for specific or unique interiors. We pay our tribute by continuing this Scandinavian tradition with a functional and comfortable range of seating designed for Aarhus Theater's recently renovated Scala foyer.

The "Scala" series of stools, barstools, benches, and tables are lightweight, flexible-use seating fashioned from sustainable oak with all of the quality that goes with the Scandinavian craftsmanship tradition. The seating has cushions upholstered in delicious fabrics by Kvadrat or covered with naturally elegant hides from Sorensen Leather.

It is just up to you to make the right combination.

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Towel Rack (Nature)

Storage that adds a hint of the spa feel

Why not let the clean Nordic feel accompany you all the way to your bathroom?

 Our bathroom collection comes in natural, exclusive materials, Nordic oak, and vegetable tanned leather, and can provide warmth and give your bathroom a hint of the spa look and feel. Just imagine a well-organized stack of luscious fluffy towels that are just waiting to wrap themselves around your body.

The Towel Rack allows you to store and display your towels in a practical and stylish way. The oak panels soften the black metal frame that keeps your towels together. Just roll them and stack them. It saves space, looks fantastic and the towels are always temptingly ready to use.

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Crush Me (Black)

Salt and pepper with a twist

Simple problems have simple solutions – but sometimes it requires a carefully thought-through design to give the solution the perfect shape.

At the bottom of the salt & pepper grinder, Crush Me, you will find such a solution to one of the small problems of everyday life: A small disc that catches the loose salt and pepper grains that otherwise end up on the tablecloth. Alternatively, you can simply turn the grinder upside down since it stands just as well on the top.

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